27 thoughts on “nintendo 64, portable project

  1. Yes, sadly, nobody notice that Nintendo 64 is the best ever. I blame Sony for Playstation with crap CD/DVD. Loading thing sucking our time.

    By the way… I would like to see Zelda’s cartridge plug to DS. *snicker*

  2. What’s funny about this is I actually know the creator of this project and have known about it for a very long time. He’s a regular named Nick from the RPG Toolkit community. Kinda cool to see a project you’ve known about for over year finally get some glory; despite all the idiots mocking the size of the device. Sure, it may not be exactly practical, but it is definitely a hack, and a cool one at that.

  3. I don’t think the point of the project is to make a slim powerful portable. So the fact that ds is more powerful is unimportant. The only reason for building a n64m would be for it’s sheer dork factor. It’s so dorky that it’s cool! I’m half tempted to scarifice my brothers 64 to the dork gods so that I too may be a total dork.

  4. the nintendo 64 m is supposed to have fun while making it and playing it it dosent mater that it is not as powerfull as the ds or that its heavy i just care about the gameplay and the chance to play zelda ocarina of time anywhere.

  5. I have to give the creator props. Even though this thing is big, its mad dorky cool. I plan to sacrifice my N64 to the modding gods to make myself an N64m. Two thumbs up to the creator and a big stfu to all the guys dissing this project!

  6. thats one of the first n64 portables so, yeah its gonna be big. i know at leaste 3 or 4 other people that have made them (including the master of portables himself, ben heckendorn) mine wil be half that size when its done. its in a PSX case check it out on my website!

  7. What about the N64 mini?
    check out this sweet action:
    you can see its size relative to the ds and its cartridge (Goldeneye)

    it works too!!!!!!!

    actually this is just what i came up with during my n64 portable project after i realized that i didn’t have any extra lcd displays

  8. Well to russ (the second post) Let me guess, your a sony (and or) Xbox fanboy? BREAKING NEWS! they suck. Nintendo makes fun games and new typed of games. They dont just make them prettier and the EXACT SAME.

  9. im currently working on a portable n64
    but im adding a few things
    1. better casing than others that ive seen, it will be clear plexiglass
    2. a cooling fan, ive noticed that the n64 does overheat, not significantly, but enough to make me want to add a cooling fan because of the smaller case
    3. a flip top,backlit screen, because i wanna play it in the car, but i want other player(s) to see the screen
    4. blacklight and guages showing temp,humidity, and aa light to tell me when to change the filter on the fan(oh yeah the fan will have a filter), these are purely asthetic and i want my lap64 to be the most kick ass thing ever
    thanks , oh and any tip s wold be really appreciated
    seeing as i need help finding the right screen,power sorce, etc :)

  10. System is far bigger than it needs to be. On the BenHeck website there are various N64 portables made; an N64p only needs to be literally half the case size and half the thickness of this (so 1/4 of the size in reality) and including relocated cart slot, etc. Yes, I know what I am talking about, I am Bacteria and active on the BenHeck forum as a Portablizer Extraordinaire.

    Nice project however very bulky and can’t be easy to hold and play at the same time. My comments are meant to be constructive BTW. Always like to see new projects for systems completed, so well done in that regard.

    Post it on the Benheck forum (N64 section), many people there would be interested to comment on it I am sure.

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