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i’m working on a hackaday podcast and it only seems appropriate that i hear from the hackaday community.  i’ve received some really great messages so far (thank you!), but i know there are a lot more of you out there.

i’d like to hear stories about your favorite hackers.  just call in and mention your favorite hackaday hacker and why you liked their project.  even better, tell us a story about someone or something that inspired you to become a hacker.  or tell us something else.  it’s up to you.

don’t worry about making mistakes

Bow Powered Super Pogo Stick


some hackers at cmu decided to make the better pogo stick.  instead of a coil spring, it stores energy in a fiber composite bow.

the bow spring stores 2-5 times as much energy per unit mass, and precludes the sliding friction that results when long coil springs buckle sideways.

there’s a page with photos and movies of people flying on these things.  thank deep blue shift for the link.

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Hackaday Links

hackaday links

take a look at these bow spring shoes.
i am pretty sure i need a pair of these.
there’s a movie of a guy literally flipping over a car.
uc berkeley also tried to make the better pogo stick.

‘un-drming’ a senseo coffee maker by making your own pods.
boingboing found a link to a commercial refillable pad.
we need more coffee hacks.  it just makes the world a better place.

digital rebel ‘upgrade’ hack

free tech support.  what a neat idea.

use the google calculator from your unix command line.

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