Bow Powered Super Pogo Stick


some hackers at cmu decided to make the better pogo stick.  instead of a coil spring, it stores energy in a fiber composite bow.

the bow spring stores 2-5 times as much energy per unit mass, and precludes the sliding friction that results when long coil springs buckle sideways.

there’s a page with photos and movies of people flying on these things.  thank deep blue shift for the link.

6 thoughts on “Bow Powered Super Pogo Stick

  1. I want to get started with a hobby in electronics. I have an MS in CS, so I wouldn’t mind learning a little microprocessor programming as well…

    Anyway, a few questions.
    What sort of tools will I need?
    I know I’ll need a soldering iron and multimeter. Suggestions on these that work well at a decent (or cheap) price?
    Any good resources (websites or books) for a beginner like me?
    Anything else I should know?

  2. That looks cool, except for the fact that a mechanical oops at the upper bow mount will send all of the stored energy from the bow in the direction of one’s head, chest and neck. Look closely and you’ll see that one guy actually has a big deflector shield mounted near the top for just such a problem. Ooch, I cringe just thinking about it. Looks like great fun otherwise.

  3. I just saw somone wearing a smaller version of the shoes in central park. im not joking it was a guy in some bear suit bouncing aroound on these. They look kinda like ski boots but with a bowspring at the bottom.

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