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msn psp

finally someone worked out a nifty little system for the MSN for use on PSP.
And it looks good too. MSN isn’t as popular as AIM or anything else, but it’s great for talking with people who arent in america or just dont use aim. so this is obviously another step in psp advancing technology. there is literally maybe a little more than 2 or 3 graphics and the rest is nice and text based

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  1. is there a way to get aol instant messenger on your psp or ipod photo and if i have a stock 32 mb memorystick is there a way ican save a crapload of money by hackin git to be a 1 or 2 gig stick???

  2. Hello guys, I tried it and it works great. I don’t know if you guys know this but you can now download firware 2.0, which is supposed to be only for JP psp but it works great on my US psp. Is way better that the pure wipeout browser.

  3. hey can someone help me my pal hacks my msn account by guessing my password but he cant get it now so can someone telll me how i can hack him cause i cant guess his password and i dont know how to get to his secret password

  4. hey dudes i know this is hackaday but i need sum help wiv da site “hack this site”. i no its lame but im struglin with level 2. level 1 was easy because the password wasn’t encoded but i cant find nefing in the source that can help. anyone with suggestions plz email me

  5. I’m using the Fired up web browser and everything seems to be working just fine. The only problem that I really encounter (and it’s a pretty serious one) is that after using the on-screen keyboard for a while, my psp just freezes during my text entry. Like say I’m on e-messenger on my psp, after typing a couple of messages to my friends, while using the on-screen keyboard, my psp will just freeze on the spot and I have to reboot. Does anyone else have a similar problem? And does anyone know how to fix that problem? Please help. Thanks.

  6. Hey guys how come when i test the connection it’s having an error and it saying “a connection error has occured (80110482)” please can anybody tell me how to correct this problem?? HELP!!!!!

  7. hey justin, i used to have the same thing. This was because I typed in the wrong address, which didn’t exist. In the browser goto tools, then settings, then homepage settings, and adjust it to an actual site. Then once your on, you can goto different places.

  8. Hey willie thanks for the info,but i’m still having the same problem though… ok when i go to network settings and and then WLAN setings do I scan for connections???? and what do you put in the WEP key???? and how do you go to the BROWSER that you were talking about???? Help me please.. I just bought wipeout pure but i don’t know how to use it to go in to the internet..
    Thanks, Justin :b

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  10. Hello,
    I need some help on getting back my password for my msn account. Someone has hacked into my account pretending their me and giving out personal information. If anyone can please help me get back my password that would be great. Thank You,

  11. dont be a fool by sending your info to this guys email address, what it basically is a scam, he gets your information and hacks YOUR mail address why els would he need your info???!!. come would microsoft be that dumb? well actually yes they would but thats beside the point, DONT SEND ANYTHING TO THIS GUY, if you do you’ll regret it if you have anything personal in there! dont believe me? setup a fake account and try it, there are loads of these on the net! just search a little in google and you’ll see what i mean, they all say the same ie or you get my jist, now you have been warned so dont come crying to me!

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