TC7 Day 2 – Alternative Uses For Portable Gaming Consoles

fruit boat
UPDATE: Slides

I was disappointed in this talk, so here is a picture of a fruit boat. Squidly1 covered the history of hacking the PSP. It wasn’t really that bad, but as regular readers of Hack-A-Day you would have been bored. For the uninformed though, it provided a great overview of the software available for the PSP and the history of its development. It was obvious that Squidly1 is not a hardware person: she admitted to attempting the PSP USB keyboard hack, described the PSP iTrip hack as receiving FM and had a photo of a 10GB Duo (coincidently the same color as the 1.0GB Duo). To her credit, she did have pictures of using an IR keyboard and I hadn’t seen PSPInside, which looks really cool. Check out her blog for PSP links and her development work.

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