T-Mobile SDA Unlocking, Overclocking And Skype

t-mobile sda

[Ken Keiter] has written up a guide to unlocking your T-Mobile SDA, overclocking it, and then adding Skype for use over WiFi. The unlock procedure is pretty simple and only needs some free software. The overclocking is just as simple. The OMAP processor needs to be overclocked to 240MHz otherwise Skype will have a lot of lag. The Skype install is straightforward except for one hitch: the phone doesn’t have a touch screen so you can’t click Sign-In. You can get around this using a piece of software called Pocket Controller which lets you click the button with your mouse. After that you can set Skype to auto sign-in so you’ll never need to use the mouse again. Ken’s final tip is how to change the T-Zones button so that it launches Skype.

20 thoughts on “T-Mobile SDA Unlocking, Overclocking And Skype

  1. dude, get a sony clie peg-th55. The are like $200 on ebay, have integrated wifi, camera, huge ass screen touch screen, flash player, video player, mp3 player, web browser, marathon battery life (you can play mp3’s for about 20 hrs if you put it in hold mode to turn off the screen), and if you are willing to shell out ~$350ish and wait a while you can get one from the UK with bluetooth XD. Then all you need is a phone with bluetooth and a provider with unlimited data plans and you have a mobile Internet/streaming radio (with pocket tunes) video playing monster.

    Oh, the hack was pretty good to. I would like soo badly to reflash my razr from cingular so I could use dun to get Internet access over bluetooth (the cripple them so you can only dial into their $10/Mb service) but they have reflashed my phone at least once without me knowing/consenting (twice I have opened it up and the phone password was reset to 1234, the background was new, and the menus were different >_<) so I worry about what would happen with new firmware...

  2. …, it’s a pretty tough position. I like how the clie runs palmOS, but I have yet to find any information on how well they do voip. I’m not really interested in the Linksys or Netgear dedicated wifi phones (both about $200-250). If this solution worked out well, I’d be more than happy to get another PDA that fit my needs better.

    if you own the peg-th55, have you tried voip on it?

  3. How generic is this process?

    I use Skype and have a Motorola MPX220 running WinCE (erk! thats Windows Mobile). I had looked into some of Motorola’s developer APIs to see if I could expose it as a USB speaker and microphone, but had little success from the docs and to much paying work to spend more time with it.

    I don’t think the phone has WiFi capability, but being able to use a normal handset with skype would be killer for me.

    PS Hack-a-day looks just as good in Opera 9 as it did in 8.5x

  4. uhm, just to let anyone know, the sda doesnt got wifi. it’s the sda2 that comes with wifi, not the sda.
    and I doubt skype will run smooth on the overclocked to 240mhz cpu. I have a t-mobile mda2 and voice calling with it’s 400mhz cpu didnt go smooth without interruptions. even overclocking to 520mhz didnt do the trick.

  5. I have this phone, actually it is my second one. It seems very buggy for some reason. Both of them. This hack looks cool.

    The bluetooth on this phone doesnt seem to work for shit though.

    What do you guys think of the phone in general?

  6. Hey! I can’t find this OmapClock.exe program anywhere. every hint and search engine result I find takes me to a dead end. can anyone direct me to a valid download?

  7. I got my SDA a few weeks ago and I love it. The only bad things to say would probably be the size of the keyes and buttons, they’re pretty cramped when you’re trying to play some hardcore nes roms like contra and metroid. Even if you don’t plan on using skype, unlocking your apps and overclocking the phone’s processor is well worth it. I can’t wait until I can get 4GB mini sd cards.
    thanks to tradecuador~ that website is awesome.

  8. While it may not be true for this specific phone, there is no need to go about this long process for unlocking your phone. I have had T-Mobile forever and they will unlock your phone for you if you ask them. If you pay your bill on time and haven’t been late they usually do it for you and it doesn’t take long. Every new phone I get I have had sucessfully unlocked. Call them and say, “Hi, I’m planning a trip to Germany and would like my phone unlocked so I can get a prepaid sim card and use it on my phone and keep my contacts blah blah blah…”
    works every time. :-)

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