T-Mobile SDA unlocking, overclocking and Skype

t-mobile sda

[Ken Keiter] has written up a guide to unlocking your T-Mobile SDA, overclocking it, and then adding Skype for use over WiFi. The unlock procedure is pretty simple and only needs some free software. The overclocking is just as simple. The OMAP processor needs to be overclocked to 240MHz otherwise Skype will have a lot of lag. The Skype install is straightforward except for one hitch: the phone doesn’t have a touch screen so you can’t click Sign-In. You can get around this using a piece of software called Pocket Controller which lets you click the button with your mouse. After that you can set Skype to auto sign-in so you’ll never need to use the mouse again. Ken’s final tip is how to change the T-Zones button so that it launches Skype.