Wireless brake light helmet

wireless brake light helmet

[Firoz Ahammad] added 5 ultra bright LEDs to his motorcycle helmet. It uses a Maxim wireless tx/rx pair and is powered by 3 rechargeable batteries. He spaced the LEDs evenly across the thickest area of the helmet. I personally wouldn’t mod my safety equipment or I’d at least put the LEDs in preexisting vent holes.

56 thoughts on “Wireless brake light helmet

  1. for those that complain about the safety factor… you’re right… to the creator, this is a very good idea. If you have to cut holes, you could have done it in a much worse fashion (say, a big square hole — perfect for crack propagation :P).

    I’d personally prefer more visibility… there’s a reason red and yellow cars are less likely to get into accidents as compared to white and beige car… Perhaps I should just do a FEA to make some comparison…

  2. Jim, I agree, we don’t even have helmet laws in PA. I ride a Harley and only wear a helmet if I’m going to other states. I’m sure most of these folks that are so concerned about holes in a helmet don’t ride. And great work Frioz. I’d wear one with or without the holes.

  3. The no drill guys are right.
    This helmet would be totally illegal in the US/Canada, and for good reason. It is now structurally unsound and wouldn’t meet Snell/DOT standards.
    From the Snell standard for Motorcycle helmets:
    “The Foundation recommends that helmet owners not modify or contract someone else to modify their helmets. Any structural modification may adversely affect a helmet’s protective capability.”

    I would put the LED’s in a small enclosure of some type and strap or glue it to the exterior of the helmet.

    It’s a cool idea though, and if done without compromising the helmet, it might actually improve safety by reducing the number of idiots that run you over.

    The *REAL* Tachyon

  4. HI very nice Idea but drilling holes into a helmet is not sooo good ;)
    so why u not use “el-folie” (www.el-folie.com)
    the only problem are the batteries/ the inverter for the light. Maybe it could be solved if u build ur inverter by urself and adding it at the bottom of the helmet, an using only an 3V litium battery so it won

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