Pong LED Hat

pong led hat

[lain]’s newest wearable project features two 21×10 dot displays (front and back). The panels are constructed from 5×7 LED modules from HP. The display is driven by an AVR ATMEGA32L. The 21×10 matrix would require 31 wires, but lain implemented a shift register so only 4 wires are needed. The hat has a microphone so it can do beat detection and VU display. It can also scroll space invaders, play pong and show text. The batteries and control board are in the ear flaps. Lain keeps referring to this as the perfect summer season hat which I can’t understand since today it’s going to hit 101degF at my house.

15 thoughts on “Pong LED Hat

  1. That’s Awesome!! Anything with fluffy hats and LEDs is a winner!

    Slight correction on the LED matrix, though. You can lay out a matrix so it’s 21×10 spatially, but 14×15 electrically. That saves 2 wires :-). If you used charlieplexing, the grid could be 14×10 (24 wires). But, the serial interface is better — especially if you already have a PC board for the display, and you want to minimize the number of wires to the furry flaps.

  2. ohh no u gone and done it now just when things where getting intresting eliot why u doing this to me i dont deserve it just have to waite for next hack leds for kiddies boooooo

  3. Let me restate my belief that if we collectively believe steve does not exist, he doesn’t.

    Anyway, pretty impressive… Must be quite a sight on the summer concert scene. I’m not a fan of the styling… I’d probably try to miniturize everything down a little more and go with a ball cap… but maybe I just miss the uber-coolness of the hat with flaps!

    Also, if he is looking for a way to one-up Leah’s designs I say infra-red controlers for the pong game. Let other people use you as a game console! Either that or bio read outs… Let everyone know how fast your heart is beating…

  4. I like the way you think, which is probably why I come to hackaday. Anyone else want to combine kort’s idea with bp’s?
    Belt buckle with IR.
    I know what I’m doing today.

  5. Making it a belt buckle would be a sure-fire way to get people to look at your crotch… and then laugh at your geekyness. That’s not even taking into account the situation of you standing there with to people holding controllers pointed at your crotch and staring intently… So many things wrong with that image

    Awesome hack though :)

  6. the scrolling LED belt buckles have been around for awhile and were featured in atleast 2 music videos i have seen

    the pong idea on one is a great idea.. especially with a couple matching controllers.. but i would be afraid of ppl mistaking it as just a scrolling one.. cuz those ones are truly lame..


    get on it

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