Ben Heck’s Six Axis 360 Controller

This is not the most difficult mod ever, but digg loved it enough to kill Ben’s site before I could post it yesterday. Ben’s been doing a slate of consignment mods lately. This time he stuffed the guts of a PS3 six axis controller into an Xbox 360 controller body. Ben’s starting to act like a XBox 360 borg… His site is back up for now, but it’s awaiting some dns updates as it moves to a sexier hosting plan. Look while you can.

6 thoughts on “Ben Heck’s Six Axis 360 Controller

  1. Well… It looks sexy I guess, because it’s cool seeing things stuck together.

    But this would be much heavier than the PS3 controller, which, in my opinion, already feels great in your hands.

  2. Can’t be worse than the SIXAXIS already was. The analog triggers are an absolute joke– there’s no tension, they’re slippery, and they feel like mush. The sticks also suck; they’re just as bad as the DualShock line– floppy, gigantic dead zones… ugh.

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