Fiber Optic Flash Ring

Ring lights that surround the lens are generally used for macro photography – they’re not cheap, but they’re one of the few ways to get shadowless photos. This fiber optic flash diffuser is based on the same ideas of this one. Rather than use a few large optic strands, [Joris] is using many, many more to decrease shadows as much as possible. His previous efforts are even more interesting. He built a LED version – with serial connected LEDs and a step up switching power supply to drive them. Then he moved on to cold cathode fluorescent before moving onto the fiber optics.

6 thoughts on “Fiber Optic Flash Ring

  1. @jordan, fiber ring illuminators have been arround for ever, although the are usually expensive as heck. They work really well for inspection micrscopes.

    In any case, if you are willing to deal with a bundle of 1mm fibers all the more power to you!

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