Obfuscate Your Power Switch

Just in time to keep your friends from sharing your toys, [l0rdnic0] brings you this simple mod: replace your power switch with a reed switch. Of course, now you’ll need a magnet every time you want to use your PSP. Of course, if my older brother did this, I’d build a big electromagnet and start firing it whenever he started playing games.

15 thoughts on “Obfuscate Your Power Switch

  1. @AndrewNeo So, you’d prefer pulling the power cord over holding the power button down?

    As to the “hack” it seems that the secret would be found fairly quickly by family members.

  2. I always thought it would be a cool idea to take a starter from a car or something like that and wire it in as the power switch for a computer. I’m sure it’s not technically difficult, I just never gotten my grubby mitts on a key starter of any sort yet. One day soon I hope, alas x-mass day is nigh

  3. @ digital: search ebay for “keyswitch” or “key switch”. There’re a million of ’em, and some are really cheap! I had my computer turning on with one (until I lost the key and had to go back to a normal pushbutton)


  4. I recently lost my power button. I was painting my case, left it out to dry, and it is now gone. This is a perfect replacement, I already have read switches laying around. I just have to cover up the power button hole. Thanks l0rdnic0, perfect timing.

  5. I added a hidden reed switch to a garage door opener, wasn’t secure though, every time there was a lightning storm the door would open and close on it’s own, not a good thing for the computer.

  6. nice hack :) a possibility for larger kit like tin-box computers is two multi-pole connectors like Amphenol 62GBs or similar – chassis socket on the case and cable mount plug as a key. Wire a series of diodes, capacitors, resistors, anything onto the plug, and arrange logic components or relays so that only your specific arangement on the plug will allow the computer (or car, garage door etc) to start and run. For safekeeping, pot the whole “key” in epoxy resin. thousands of different possibilities for component combinbations here, especially if you use a 30-pin connector.

  7. You have to add the reed switch inline with your power/activation switch. This way, you have to activate the reed switch in order for the power switch to work.

    This prevents static electricity from fooling the reed switch and turning the power on.

  8. if any one wants to try some thing like this but does not want to buy a $3 part off the internet. if you liver near a radioshack that still sells some electronic parts. you can get a reed relay. witch is just a reed switch encased in plastic wrapped with magnet wire. if you are careful you can remove the wire and the plastic and have a perfectly good reed switch. just be careful with the reed switch because it is glass.

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