Bluetooth Headset For PSP/PS2

[Shane] put together this funky bluetooth headset hack so he could use his headset with both his PSP and his PS/2. It starts with a Cardo Bluetooth adapter. He added both a PSP headset style connector and a standard 2.5mm plug to a custom pigtail. Then he can use it with either a PSP headset remote or a modified USB PS/2 headset adapter.

10 thoughts on “Bluetooth Headset For PSP/PS2

  1. tg- he mentions using it with the ps3, but it is also functional with the ps2 since he 2.5mm plug on it you can plug it into the standard usb dongle for the socom headset. Hence no software needed for bluetooth (hehe, i said dongle)

  2. Cool now I can play with a headset on my PSP with less, no wait, more wires but at least my head won’t be tethered to a PSP, but I will have to carry around 4 extra pieces of equipment. My life is complete!

    //sarcasm mode disengaged\\

    Nah seriously. Whoopie-Sh*t!

  3. Am confused: I Wooted a BT headset that came with a little matchbox-sized headphone-jack A2DP transmitter for like 15 bucks. You can sync the BT headset simultaneously to both a normal A2DP device (like the PS3) and the included transmitter. Does this accomplish exactly the same thing with a ton of extra bits, or am I missing something?

  4. he simply spliced the output from the cardo bluetooth doohickey to have a PSP-style headset connector on it.

    he isn’t solving the ps2-games-cant-use-ps3-bluetooth problem; he is just using a ps2 headset thing with the cardo bit handling the bluetooth, so the ps3 thinks its still connected to a regular wired headset.

    big fkin whoop tbh…pretty sure most everyone can splice a wire.

  5. Bluetooth really change the way of modern communication, instead of the tangling wires for gadgets headset accessories today, we use the most efficient way to do it. A protocol that was made to make all devices connect to each other without the worries of compatibility. Well the most important for me is, it makes life easier.

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