This Week In (our) History

Time to look way back into the Hackaday archives, well back to 2005 at least. This is a new feature to follow up and revisit some of our favorite projects of the past. Our first installment includes the week of May 24-31 2005.

Pictured above we see one of the amazing cable braiding machines from UK based Cobra Machinery. This link was found on a post about creating your own high end speaker wires from cat5 cable. At the time we hoped to find a DIY braiding machine. No such luck today but we did come across and interesting site in the process. diyAudoProjects has a ton of great how to guides for all things audio. They even have a few walkthroughs for creating your own speaker wires.

We looked at the robotic dexterous hand from The Shadow Robot Company. Browsing through their high rez image gallery its pretty clear to see the product has been progressing nicely: 24 degrees of freedom complete with force feedback and a GPL based software package.

Three years ago we covered the Nokia 770 internet appliance and it’s upcoming SDK. The device has now been replaced by the Nokia N810 (pictured on the right). However, open source support from Nokia has continued to develop. We found a blog from software developer Ari Jaaksi where he talks about Nokia’s involvement in the community. Recently he discussed the latest news from MAEMO, the platform used for open source development of Nokia internet tablets and other Linux-based devices.

8 thoughts on “This Week In (our) History

  1. Excellent post – but there’s one thing I’d like to say: I would be careful to make sure that projects have had progress or that you have something more to say. Other sites, like LifeHacker, started getting tired when they had their “Content from last year” posts with stuff I had already seen. So I’d just like to vote to keep that in mind so you don’t start burning out your loyal readers.

    BTW: I still love the site and look forward to your great posts every day.

  2. Seriously, guys? “A new feature…”
    Sounds to me like hackaday is running out of things to write about.
    First the random news and pseudo-reviews, and now this…
    Back to the roots, please. We’re begging you.

  3. I totally agree with musicman. I have been visiting this site daily for quite some time, but recently the content posted is not as interesting as it used to be.
    Keep it interesting, stick to basics ‘hack-a-day’, NOT ‘blast from the past’; for history & news i can always visit other sites…

  4. I have only been coming to Hack A Day for about 6 months or so now and this “This week in (our) history” thing is kind of nice, however I know that I can just use the search functions and browse around for fun.

    I think this should keep being posted, however at the same time post some new, old school-like, posts to keep things fresh instead of just reusing things.

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