Ultraportable Laser Graffiti?

[Sittiphol Phanvilai]’s multitouch screen project was posted a couple different places today. It uses the Nokia N95 to track light pens and draws the resulting paths on the video output. We immediately saw the applications for this in laser tagging. Right now if you want to do laser tagging you need to haul a laptop with you in addition to the projector. With some modification to the NeuScreen software you could replace the laptop with just cellphone plugged directly into the projector.

6 thoughts on “Ultraportable Laser Graffiti?

  1. Now rasz… how is hacking something together as a personal challenge stupid? There are many products that can perform tasks better than the related projects on hackaday. If you can’t appreciate tinkering, learning, and the thrill of finally overcoming intellectual/logical barriers to see your hack come to life, then perhaps you’d be better off at cnet.

    Personally, I think your attitude is what’s stupid.
    Cheers (:

  2. What if you want to tag a building? Why don’t you put a green laser on two servos? One servo serves as the x-axis. The other servo would act as the y-axis. Since we are only working in a 2-d plane. Now if we had someone make a software program that could scan a pic and main outline of the pic it would eliminate the need to carry all the extra stuff only thing you would need would be the “tagger and the laptop with the software”

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