Openmoko FreeRunner Now Available

Openmoko began selling Neo 1973 phones direct to developers last July. The phone is an open source project designed to ease development on mobile platforms. The Neo 1973 has since sold out, but a new Linux phone intended for the mass market has been released, the FreeRunner for ~$399. The screen is 640×480 with 3D acceleration and a 500MHz Samsung processor. The new phone has WiFi and 2.5G GSM support. It has some truly unique features like USB host mode support. You can find the differences between the two phones here. This new phone release should help strengthen the community since average users were discouraged from purchasing the original. Pictures of the phone’s internals and a component diagram can be found on the Openmoko wiki. We wish more manufacturers would explicitly tell us how to get console access.

[via Slashdot]

6 thoughts on “Openmoko FreeRunner Now Available

  1. Gosh!! With that name who wants to use it. Don’t people make basic research on names? Moko in Spanish (moco) is bugger!! Same happened to a car and to many other things… Do a research, for God’s sake!

  2. um this phone seems pretty ‘in stock’ here…

    I discovered this phone about a year ago when looking to buy a gp2x
    a cure for air plane/car ride boredom.
    there is even a pitch…
    “This Hacker’s Dream Box is a heavy duty, mysterious black box that houses the OpenMoko development board. The Advanced kit is padded to protect your Neo 1973, development board, and accessories for hackers in transport.”

  3. No hardware buttons / jog dial = FAIL.

    Seriously, now I can’t use it as a media player (no eyes-off track/volume control) or a text reader (have to put my finger in front of the stuff I’m trying to read to scroll)? What’s wrong with these guys?

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