Bittorrent Admin Convicted By Federal Jury

[Daniel Dove], administrator of the site, has been convicted of conspiracy and felony copyright infringement. Running a bittorrent tracker isn’t in itself illegal, but [Dove] apparently recruited seeders and distributed the initial illegal copies to them from his own server. From the press release, it seems the Justice Department is quite tickled with finally getting a conviction in a P2P case after a jury trial.

[photo: nrkbeta]

3 thoughts on “Bittorrent Admin Convicted By Federal Jury

  1. Utter BS.

    Unlike the previous poster, I don’t pay for my music or movies-I actually don’t WATCH them, and will continue to avoid them-or DVR and skip commercials on TV-until this kind of crap stops. The U.S. federal government was meant to represent its people-not fat cat corperations.

    “2 year old convicted of felony for drooling on keyboard and downloading movie on federal snare site!”

    “Man arrested for hearing music he did not own while walking by party.”

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