Ardupilot: Arduino Based UAV Autopilot

A short while back, [Chris Anderson] released an Arduino based autopilot. It rings in fairly cheap and being open source, you can tweak away. To add more functionality, he’s releasing a dual core version. Thanks to the second processor, it no longer requires an external hardware co-pilot. It uses an on-board GPS and features an ATtiny based fail safe. It’s still under development, but he’s made the design files available.

5 thoughts on “Ardupilot: Arduino Based UAV Autopilot

  1. The projects look great. If I had a plane I would fly…actually I’d let the ArduPilot fly it.

    I work for TI, so seeing the parts list reference a TI part and saying to ask for Samples is just fantastic. I know it irks our shipping department, but I just love the idea.

  2. dual processor..autopilot.yum.

    I’ve seen it for RC planes too. The user sets up a range beacon to keep the plane close, and has to fly it to an altitude- then it flies itself.

  3. since I commented previously about the bad story quality, I think its right to comment now about the good story quality

    it seems like the hackaday editors have listened to the community outcry… thanks!!

    i look forward to seeing many more hackaday frontpages with only hacks and no fluff

  4. hy
    sir i am a student of electronic engineering from comsats institute of IT abbottabad Pakistan.
    i want to prepare an autopilot drone as my final year project.could you please help me to understand main features of typical drones. i will wait for ur kind reply.


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