Radiohead Releases Laser Music Video With Data

Radiohead has released their music video for “House Of Cards.” We’ve already covered some of the tech involved. If making an entire video without cameras wasn’t edgy enough, they’ve released all the point data for people to play with and remix. The band is encouraging people to post their creations to their YouTube group.

Head over to their Google Code page to watch a making of video as well as view some of the datasets in 3D. There is a link to the entire dataset for download as well.

8 thoughts on “Radiohead Releases Laser Music Video With Data

  1. would everyone quit whining about non hack related posts? i mean come on, this post is awesome, and useful, and inspiring, and innovative to say the very least. someone put time into writing quality content, and albeit not about hacking, it is clearly good content. really, if you dont like it, LEAVE, noone is forcing you to subscribe to the site feed. i would like to see all of the complainers make a site that can even get close to the quality that is hackaday.

    and i wonder why there is so much interference in the video, i would think they could produce that out of the video a little… or perhaps it was intentional?

  2. This is something new for the Radiohead’s fan. Well, I can’t hide the fact that I’m a radio head avid fan also. I actually uploaded the two music videos Pyramid and Creep song wherein I created a poll if which of the two Radiohead’s song has a much better music video and which is the best and etc.. These two songs have completely different music videos but has it’s own uniqueness and creativity.

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