Shih Chieh Huang’s Recycled Bots

We’re really sorry to have missed GLOW. It was a unique all-night art and music event that took place the evening of July 19, 2008, in Santa Monica, and lasted until dawn. We were most intrigued by [Shih Chieh Huang]’s haunting robotic sculptures. They were eerily beautiful, and appeared to be alive and “breathing”. He took some unusual materials – plastic bags and bottles, computer fans and circuit boards, among others, and combined them all to give the creatures otherworldly auras. Simultaneously familiar and strange, the sculptures are designed to evoke marine life, yet they’re completely different, in both materials and structure. More coverage and pictures of the event can be found at LAist, NOTCOT, and on Flickr.

5 thoughts on “Shih Chieh Huang’s Recycled Bots

  1. @ all ‘that’s not a hack’ whiners – Go whine somewhere else.

    If you had paid attention to the ‘art’ in question you would have noticed that they are hacked-together bits of hardware and other materials doing something the original designers never intended, ie. a Hack and falling under the stated purpose of this site.

    If you don’t like how hack-a-day is run start your own site and see how well you do.

  2. Bob, excuse me if your about as cultured as redneck in heat, but the rest of us actually enjoy the potential of technology. If your going to think like that you might as well go to miked’s little clone forum. I’m sure he could use the company.

  3. I happen to think this is an awesome use for old pieces of hardware. And to bob, shut the fuck up. We don’t give a shit that you don’t think this is a hack. Go make your own blog if you want to only have what you deem as acceptable.

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