Crabfu Challenge Winners Announced

The Trossen Robotics Blog has announced the winners of the “Crabfu challenge”. The challenge, issued by [Crabfu] was to make a robot that was full of character. It didn’t have to have a purpose or be autonomous, it just had to be full of character.

The first place winner, pictured above, won us over when he “blinked” a few moments into his video. Strange how something so simple can add so much life.


[via BotJunkie]

5 thoughts on “Crabfu Challenge Winners Announced

  1. The blinking is kinda cool, but I think the “Wall-E” was better and the pig was the best. It really looked like he was trying to find someone in a crowd!

    Judging Fail

    On the subject of contests… Any updates on the shirt design contest?

  2. Haha, it’s brilliant! It really looks confused when it blinks and looks around. you really have to contain yourself saying “Uh sirbugrobot, can i help you?” It has character allright.

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