Archos 5th Generation Hacked, Bigger Drive Possible

Over at the forums, [grond] has posted some screenshots of his cracked archos 5th generation. Using a custom bootloader, they’ve unlocked the ability to swap hard disks as well as some hidden plugins. The plugins seem to be used mainly for dev tools, like core dumps and screenshots, but this opens the door to possible future homebrewed plugins.

[via Engadget]

6 thoughts on “Archos 5th Generation Hacked, Bigger Drive Possible

  1. I seriously wish someone would hack the AV500, I’ve had mine for years and it’s a really nice player/recorder for the main fact you don’t have to by a freaking expensive dock just to hook up cameras etc. (which also adds to the bulkiness & accessories needed).
    The harddrive has developed a few errors after lending to a friend (I should have known better, he has a habit of breaking anything to do with electricity/electronics) and I would dearly love to swap out the 60gb for a 100gb one. If you plug a different 2.5″ drive in the unit refuses to use it.
    I emailed Archos about getting a replacement drive because of their damned drive lock but no reply – bastards!

  2. I have an archos 605, and I don’t see the point of a larger harddrive unless we can get the number of allowed files thing fixed. I have a few thousand mp3’s and it has been difficult to get them all recognized by the archos, and it crashes often. My understanding is that if you have over 1000 files things get pretty dicey with the stock software. Anyone have any idea if there will be any updates to allow the 160gb hard drive that comes stock to be used to capacity???


  3. I’m hearing more and more people talking about archos and their dodgy way of stopping us from changing the hard drives,because archos have deliberatly locked the firmware to its original hard drive,its a rippoff,i have a AV500 and a Av700 TV,Both have Faulty Hard drives,i was going to get new ones for them but after reading that they cant be replaced,i’m rapidly going off archos..Bit like Apple and their ipod touch,not having an expansion sd card slot,so making us have to buy a new one with bigger memory,all these companies are rippoffs,i’ve never been a fan of apple,they are the biggest rippoff on the planet..Rant Over..

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