Nintendo DSi Teardown


[bunnie] managed to pick up a Nintendo DSi while in Japan. It seems he had the device running less than an hour before he tore it down for an impromptu hotel photoshoot. There’s nothing too surprising and he mentions that the CPU certainly feels more capable than the previous model, which may explain the shorter battery life. The ARM processor sits under an RF shield directly below the WiFi card. The best photo is the top side of the board with every single debug point labeled in plain English on the silkscreen. We’re sure that’ll help with the development of new homebrew hardware.

[bunnie] has posted some interesting teardowns in the past. Have a look at his Sony XEL-1 teardown to see the inner workings of an OLED TV.

16 thoughts on “Nintendo DSi Teardown

  1. I hate how so many of you say the dsi is cr*p and anyone buying it is lame along with the dsi being lame……..why?

    Because you want one , also because they don’t work with flash carts!

    Now the dsi may not be a new console but rather an upgrade which is fine, buy it if you don’t have a ds or need to replace your old one but don’t bitch about it being rubbish.


  2. Option 1: release a R4 competitor that takes a MicroSD card and runs “DSWare” DLC, and which retails for about the price of a new game ($30-40)

    Option 2: release a whole new console with a very slightly larger screen, no GBA slot, and two low-res cameras that nobody will ever use, and obsolete the previous two iterations of your console. Cost: $200, if you can get one.

    Can you see why Option 2 maybe pisses off the fanbase a little bit?

  3. I think that dsi’s are better then all the other ones. no i dont want the camera because of it but it will have a internet broswer, can play any online games, screen bigger, ds is thinner, nice sound with more of a booming bass, just about everything was enhanced to some degree

  4. I have the ds browser for the ds lite and it sucks. It is so slow. If the dsi is anything like that than your better not be so hiped about it. I want it because of the dsiware and the 2 cameras and you can warp pictures. Plus it saves me money on an i-pod or pda or all those other music player devices. I really don’t care about the screen size or start buttton and volume slide.

  5. Most people say stuff is cr@p OR lame because A) They can’t afford it, OR B) They bought a DS Lite for Christmas. Look at the PS3 for example. People said it was crap due to its price? …. AMIWRITE?

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