Google Explains Android Patches


Google has been trickling out info about what they’re actually fixing in the G1 firmware updates. Before RC29, users were able to bypass the phone lock using safe mode. RC29 also brought WebKit up to date, presumably patching the bug [Charlie Miller] found. RC30 takes care of root console problem. Unfortunately there are very few details as to what or how particular items were broken. This release method leaves much to be desired; having the official Android Security Announcements group be the absolute last place to get security news is asinine.

[photo: tnkgrl]

6 thoughts on “Google Explains Android Patches

  1. Wouldn’t surprise me if HTC and t-mobile would rather detailed information about a security issue that may still be present on x number of vulnerable phones wasnt posted all over the internet.

  2. @Jon: if that’s the case, HTC/t-mo have less security-smarts than I would have given them credit for. Push the patch out, then announce the problems. Since they’re all on t-mo, the phone company needs to man up and send a free SMS to everybody who owns one and tell them *UPDATE RIGHT NOW*, preferably letting them do it OTA. Then announce the vulnerabilities.

  3. WTF are you going to be using that they want to uninstall anyways???? theres a ton of apps at the market (i should know i have 1) that i could see some people not wanting them there (hacking apps) and they havent removed them from the market or my phone.

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