Stribe 1 Kits Available


We first spotted the Stribe music controller at Maker Faire. [Josh Boughey] has since refined the controller’s design so that it can be constructed in a modular fashion and it’s being sold in kit form by Curious Inventor. The kit has two columns of 64 LEDs and a Spectra Symbol SoftPot for control. You can daisy chain eight modules together using a ribbon cable. It uses SPI control, with a separate wire for the data line (not in the ribbon). An Arduino is used to hook the controller to programs like Max/MSP.

11 thoughts on “Stribe 1 Kits Available

  1. Basically yeah, a mechanical slider would be much cheaper and would work just as well. But it wouldn’t look as cool. That’s pretty much what this project has going for it, it looks really cool. And hawkeye18, you’re not alone, my first thought was of the transporter console interface…

  2. It’s more than a mechanical slider since it can jump to any position instantly. You can have it assigned to different sets of parameters and switch between them.

    So the equivalent is those motorised faders which are quite a deal more expensive, more complicated, and bigger.

  3. Motorized faders aren’t really *that* big, and although they’re expensive (like $40, qty. 1) so is this kit ($80, unassembled). I bet you could put together a kit with a motorized fader for about the same cost, although it obviously wouldn’t look as cool.

    The thing is, $80 buys a lot of regular knobs/sliders and sometimes have 5-10 boring-old sliders is way better than having one super-awesome and ultra-versatile slider.

  4. you know guys, he really has a point there. I’m buying. I always loose quantum alignment in my containment fields, not just the primary one. And 80 bucks ain’t that much if it concerns your containment field quality, I tell you that.

  5. My goodness. You guys are a bunch of dorks. I say that in the vein of comraderie and solidarity. And yeah, the touch slider is kickass. When I see this, no hint of practicality can abate my desire for this foolish piece of tech. Add some more shiny crap to this and you’ve got a DJ/Musician’s wet dream.

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