Improved LED Menorah

Reader [Mike] was not too impressed by design in a recent post we did on an LED menorahs. Doing what any self respecting hacker would do, he designed and built a better one then sent it in to us. He just happened to have an AVR ATtiny13 sitting around, so he used that for the brains. It has single button operation, is powered by 2 AA batteries, and even simulates the candles burning out. His custom PCB turned out quite nicely as well, the power plug connects to the batteries in a way that uses them as a base. Check out his site for detailed plans and source code. Great job [Mike].

7 thoughts on “Improved LED Menorah

  1. Reserver is partially incorrect, some menorah do have 7 candles, but there is not a elevated middle candle. Most modern menorah have 8 candles, but the very fact that it is an electric light makes it non-Kosher, as it has to be FIRE!!…Either candle or oil.

    Nice hack, but not a kosher menorah.

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