Scrabble Keyboard


Here’s another bizarre keyboard mod to add to the pile. Unlike previous typewriter style mods, this one uses Scrabble tiles. All of the tiles were hand beveled and attached to a clicky keyboard. The Num, Cap, and Scroll lock buttons have their letters’ hollowed out so the LED light will shine through.

[via Gizmodo]

13 thoughts on “Scrabble Keyboard

  1. Hmm, I agree that lack of imagination is stifling games.

    Just look at the latest “world edition” monopoly, it uses credit cards and a banking machine, so not only can’t you hold your money, if you don’t keep track of it you dont even know how much you have. (I need to hack that system, should be easy as it works on simple bump switches, something like adding a fake bump to your card so that the money is withdrawn from another player’s account :) )

  2. I made a little USB keyboard with an AVR and an off-the-shelf 4×2 keypad. The only thing I couldn’t figure out was a good way to do the keycap legends.

    Anyone know a good way to print keycaps. e.g. on stickers? It would be nice to be able to print up custom legends for shortcuts…

  3. @mojo, the labels printed by Brother P-Touch printers are pretty durable and stick well; we put them on industrial equipment that sits in the rain and sun and they last. But they will look fairly awful on a keypad, and I can’t think of anything else that won’t rub off with use. real key legends are created by carving or molding the legend into the key and filling the gap with colored material, so it won’t wear off as it wears down.

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