ATtiny Breadboard Headers


[Alex] was frustrated by the amount of time it took to start prototyping with an AVR ATtiny. To make things easier, he built headers that carry the 8 and 20 pin chips and plug directly into breadboards. The boards include a 6pin ISP header, resonator, pull-up resistor, reset, and blocking caps. The ATtiny2313 version also has a serial connection header. This is a prototype though, and he forgot to route one of the connections. He plans on having a large batch of boards ready for next month.

22 thoughts on “ATtiny Breadboard Headers

  1. Does it really take more than about 5 minutes to put the header, capacitor and power lines into your circuit? Use the internal oscillator, and you don’t have to worry about the resonator/crystal. I’m sorry, this just doesn’t seem very useful…

  2. @ thethirdmoose: you are so right! I also think that instead of simply tying and untying the knot in your shoes when you put them on and off, you should completely remove your laces each time. I’m sure it wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. :/

    @ alex: nice job. and as for your pin 1 mishap…that isn’t a fail. If you redesign the board someday and *still* need to solder in a jumper…that would be a fail.

  3. Haha Fractalrock, I don’t even tie the knot in my shoes, I slip them on and off!

    I was wondering why he didn’t put the option for a crystal or a resonator, (I guess he is breadboarding anyway)

  4. That is pretty nifty. Don’t underestimate the power of convenience. This is tiny, neat, saves breadboard space, has a reset switch that would probably neat wires soldered on to it to make it fit on a breadboard, etc etc.

  5. @jpipesup: I agree. I have to admit the PIC is a lot easier in this regard. They chose the last two pins to be PGD and PGC. So its very clean when wiring the standard 1×5 pin programming header.

  6. Good idea! I started playing around with attinys a couple of months ago, and it was annoying to have to keep moving them around the breadboard (especially when the power pin broke!) These look like they would save a lot of time and frustration.

  7. I did something like this for an LPC2103 ARM7 chip, which doesn’t come in a DIP package, so a PCB was necessary anyway:

    Since ATTINY already comes in a DIP package, this seems like a waste of time to me.. But I guess if you’re doing a ton of different projects with the same chip, it might be worth it. Although, one reason why I use a breadboard is so I can swap out components to find exactly the optimal configuration for my project. The more you put into the PCB, the harder it becomes to swap components like different speed crystals, etc.

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