STK500 As An Arduino


The AVR STK500 has been Atmel’s standard AVR development platform for many years. Recently though, hobbyists have embraced the Arduino. [Alessandro] has decided to bring the two together so that you can use the Arduino environment with the STK500. Unlike the Arduino, it comes with 8 LEDs, 8 switches, a variable power supply, and variable analog reference. It’s a great way to get hardware you might already have back into service.

5 thoughts on “STK500 As An Arduino

  1. I for one think it’s a really cool project. I program mainly in the PIC world, and I ran across my old STK500 that hasn’t been used in 4 years. I’ve also been toying with the idea of getting into the arduino world, so this saves me the $20-40 entrance fee. I totally respect the repurposing of old hardware.

  2. I actually decided to use my stk as a platform for Arduino when I found that buying a real Arduino would cost me much more than 20-40$ here in Italy. The fact is that P&P would add much even to the bare PCB. Ben got exactly my point: I’m not suggesting to buy an STK and make it an Arduino. As I keep on saying : “one day I’m buying a real Arduino !”

  3. No, Arduino isn’t just $20-$40… After you buy it, you need a breadboard, and these little things, wires, LED, Pots, resistors, capacitors to play with… STK500 already has those, and more!, and it is cost somewhere $60-+ nowadays… That means, it is alsmost the same cost.

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