Thermosmart: Arduino Thermostat


[Chris] sent in the Thermosmart. It is an Arduino controlled thermostat. It has a web interface which allows him to see the current temperature and make adjustments from remote locations. He can set heating or cooling to on, off, or auto and adjust the ranges as well. We’ve seen similar done with an Arduino before, even one with a nice LCD interface. This could possibly be useful for remote plant monitoring as well.

Replacing The Ipod Shuffle’s Headphones

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With the recent announcement that the only controls for the Ipod shuffle will be on the headphones, many were let down. [James] has come to the rescue, showing that you can just solder new ear buds on the end of the wires. Though this may not be the perfect solution, especially if your cable gets damaged, at least you can get a little better sound. This is a great example of something to show kids. It’s not too difficult and teaches them that if we’re not happy with something, we can hack it.