Quick Cheap Ring Flash


Here’s a great example of a cheap mod that gets professional results. This ring flash cost roughly $14 all together, and they got to eat some fruit salad in the process.  The parts list is pretty easy and can almost be figured out just by looking at the picture. A plastic bowl, an aluminum can, some foil, and a lens adapter. This is very nice and much easier than our last ring light post.

13 thoughts on “Quick Cheap Ring Flash

  1. maybe a white satin finish with heavy use of primer to make an as close to true white inside on the bowl instead of both the tin foil or metallic spray.
    or a high reflective spray with a satin clear coat on top. both add cost but may increase quality.

    just shooting out ideas

  2. Yeah the missing samples shots are a bit – er – missing, guy says in the comments that he didn’t make many shots with it but some macro shots he made were very good, while the room was dimly lit they came out great, but no samples, he says that on flickr, with no samples.., in the same breath of typing that he could have uploaded a sample, but no.

    Looks OK theoretically but I’d not call it good until I saw samples.

  3. This doesn’t seem like a very uniform light… The top of the circle (where the flash is) and the bottom (obscured from the flash by the can) would emit almost no light, while the sides would emit the most at the top and little at the bottom.

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