Wii Nunchuck Controlled Pleo


[Andy] wrote in to show us how he hacked his Pleo to be controlled by a Wii Nunchuck. He has installed Xbee units for the communication as well as written a “skit” that allows the Pleo to just stand there and wait for commands. He is using an Arduino to interpret the Nunchuck input and send it to the Pleo. It’s a pretty cool proof of concept, but the response time is pretty slow. This might be due to the Arduino’s slower serial communication rate.  Yes, we said you might want to refrain from hacking them, due to their impending extinction, but did you expect us to stick to that? If you’re going to dig into one, you may also be interested in how to hack the Pleo for face recognition and remote control.

8 thoughts on “Wii Nunchuck Controlled Pleo

  1. anyone else *absolutely tired* of wiimote controlled things? Yes, the wiimote is a hackable tool, wonderful. that doesn’t mean every god damn project needs to be controlled by one, or that every project that is controlled by one somehow has more merit because of it. it can’t just be a remote control pleo, it has to be a *wiimote* controlled pleo. i haven’t seen one headline for such a project that failed to mention the wiimote, but really the wiimote is just a remote. Did you guys know that you can use an xbox 360 controller with no hacking at all? there is a normal receiver for windows with drivers that make it act like a normal game pad. and did you know that old school nintendo controllers are stupidly easy to interface with? for the old NES, you just raise one line high, and out come an 8 bit serial character representing each button. Not everything has to be wiimote controlled.

  2. taylor’s comment got me thinking…has anyone made a wiimote-twitter interface? It could get posed here and start such a huge war (actually, this could be the casue of the robot uprising)

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