Radio Controlled Nerf Tank

[Travis7s] has built this giant Nerf Tank. Featuring Radio controls, a web cam, laser sights, and the ability to play music, this thing is pretty awesome.  He’s using the Nerf Vulcan rifle, temporarily modified with a servo for remote firing. This thing is pretty huge, as you can see from the video, it sits about as high as the seat cushions of the chairs in his house. The sound system is an amplifier and some speakers hooked up to an iPod. This thing could use a nice coat of paint to make it a little more menacing and a little less Nerf. What it really needs though, is the ability to play sounds from a sound board. Imagine the Imperial March as it enters a room, or maybe a sound board with appropriate insults and phrases for the onslaught.

11 thoughts on “Radio Controlled Nerf Tank

  1. While I do applaud the inventor on his efforts, there are a couple of nits to pick, ok, well one major one and one “If I had the funds to do it… “..

    The major nitpick is: “What? No tilt??” I think the use of the vulcan is a win, along with the wireless camera and the laser pointer, but without a tilt mechanism (another 24v gearmotor could have been used for a nice tilt/pan setup.)

    The other nitpick which is really minor is the ipod interface. With a few parts, I’m sure it would be easy to work in a “pause/unpause” routine into the remote control protocol. The assault isn’t really a surprise attack if the enemy can hear you over a loud TV set. My idea is to startle them to hell by blasting heavy metal then let fly with the foam.. :P

    Either that or I really need an engineering degree. Still, mad props on the design and the implelentation, and if you’re still with your girlfriend mad props to her for putting up with your crap. :P I know my girlfriend would either kill me or plan her own assault with a pair of mavericks we have about the apartment.

  2. Hey, not sure what’s more fun to play with, the nerf tank or the builder’s girlfriend.

    Anyways… kool work, maybe it would have been better to just use an FM radio and have an FM transmitter rather than just using an iPod. Maybe trying to even do two way comms so you can hear your targets scream.

  3. I would like to see a little more speed out of the drive motors, for that size of a platform.

    The RC car that shoots missiles at the toy store would run circles around this thing.

    Still a good effort.

  4. Hehe R.A. music is very fitting indeed.
    If you could get the music to play remotely it would make for an awesome attack maneuver (perhaps a code like: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right :P?)

  5. to be honest, this really isn’t very impressive at all. i don’t see anything particularly tank-like about it other than the gun mounted on it. the mount for the cannon looked flimsy, and the vulcan is a terrible choice. i would have picked a gun that fired faster. also, the motors sounded to me like they were straining a lot.
    a few positive notes: your girlfriend is pretty hot.
    and that’s it actually.

  6. I can see some design issues as well, but the base is slick looking.

    I would forgo the ipod & controls(?) fpor a little more actual robotic action.

    BTW smoother wheels will allow you to turn in place _way_ better than those treads will.

    Differential steering treats wheels differently.

  7. Tough critics. :)

    The main problem with the ‘tank’ is it was a very rushed build (10 days or so) to finish by the instructable deadline. I didn’t have time to order parts so I used what I had or what I could get my hands on.

    I’m working on an ‘artillery’ mode which angles the tank as we speak. I like the vulcan because it is fully auto and the clip will last me a while. The ‘flimsy’ magnet mount is intentional to make the gun easily removable.

    Strider is very right about the wheels, it really strains to turn but I plan on chain driving the other wheels to remedy that.

    And that really is my girlfriend and she is a great sport about it. :)

  8. Travis7s

    Just for a fun experiment try wrapping the wheels with some plastic packing tape.

    Watch how easy it pivots on carpet after that!

    Good luck with your project!

  9. Great demonstration video. I really enjoyed watching the video. But does this tank moves that slow?! How do you make your tank move fast? Also great idea putting a speaker in it, it’ll surely work well with music lovers. All in all, the tank seems working well so good luck with your project!

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