The Cloud Mirror


Cloud Mirror is an interactive art installation that combines you and your easily available online information in real time. Attendees stood in front of the camera and held up their badges. Cloud Mirror then projected them on the wall and displayed a speech bubble containing information from the web. In the example after the break, you can see our very own [Eliot] displayed with his most recent twitter post. To add another layer to it, you could send a text message with someone’s badge ID to the system and it will display your message in that person’s bubble.


11 thoughts on “The Cloud Mirror

  1. Have to supply the info AND hold up a large identifier, that’s a bit outdated isn’t it? Can’t we nowadays get facial recognition to do it all without any user-interaction? And the projector that also looking a bit old, especially since it’s not projecting much larger than your average monitor.

    The concept was usable but this implementation.. I think it’s poorly done.

  2. Why is this even on here?

    So, someone got a bunch of pre-compiled info on everyone who got one of those badges, used simplistic software to read those badges and posted it in a chat bubble… which I might add comes bundled with most webcam software and called it art.

    Hack-a-day seems to be grasping at straws here in the last few weeks.

  3. When I think about it it seems more like a party-thing where wannabe artistic students come together and show of their myspace sites, using a flimsy excuse to do so, rather than ‘art’. Guess it’s all part of the dating game and social circle building.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with people doing that, but I think we can, as outsiders, be frank about what this is.
    And perhaps others can find other excuses to show people your myspace site at parties that work even better? If so get to it, you might have fun and find new friends, or find a way to market it and become either wealthy or make a name for yourself.

  4. morpheus: “jc denton. 23 years old. no residence. no ancestors. no employer. no –”
    jc denton: “how do you know who i am?”
    morpheus: “i must greet each visitor with a complete summary of his file. i am a prototype for a much larger system.”
    jc denton: “what else do you know about me?”
    morpheus: “everything that can be known.”

    jc denton: “i don’t see anything amusing about spying on people.”
    morpheus: “human beings feel pleasure when they are watched. i have recorded their smiles as i tell them who they are.”

  5. @Wwhat, they would need some image for reference that is good quality that correlates the person being seen with the database of private info, much easier just to use a tag the attendees are already wearing.

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