PSP 3000 Firmware 5.03 Hacked


PSP firmware 5.03 has been hacked by Team Typhoon. This allows you to run custom code on the PSP by taking advantage of the tiff exploit. You’ll have to wait to download the hack though, they haven’t released it yet. This means those of you still on 5.02 or still using the little blue tool will be able to upgrade soon.

88 thoughts on “PSP 3000 Firmware 5.03 Hacked

  1. it is a start. i remember back in the day buying gta just to run a few homebrew games. that later got me into programming again. i didn’t make anything worthwhile or even release anything but it got me looking at C++ again. eventually dax or someone will make the psp 3000 run cfw. good work guys.

  2. So before I get my hopes up what exactly does this allow us to do?

    Just run custom code? or have they got some apps to take advantage of this lapse in security?

    Will there be a custom firmware soon?

  3. The HEN can only run a limited amount of Homebrew (Unsigned code) That goes for all psp’s. There is no support for the playing of ISO’s or CSO’s yet.

    Just gotta wait untill they release a working CFW, It took them about a month or 2 from first finding out the exploit in the lib tiff to release HEN..

    So likely hood of seeing CFW in just a “few days”is unlikely im afraid =[

  4. I used this update to run psp tools which then let me softmod my battery into a pandora. once this is done along with a magic memory stick you can load a permanent custom firmware that will stay on unlike the chickHEN which only last until power down. Came in very handy since I didn’t know anyone with a hacked PSP I could use and didn’t feel like cracking open my only battery. afterwards I just reflashed the eprom in the battery to the origanl serial and works great.

  5. yes you can run emulators and use homwbrew apps and games, its legit and its working.. unfortunately as of now it cant run cso/iso but still big thanks to davee and his team. hopefully someone will pacth iso/cso loader on our psp bright

  6. help me plz, im not psp user and idont understnd what is all about ,just a litle, but i want to buy psp, the problem is idont know,

    what version is im going to buy?psp 2000 or psp 3000,?

    psp 3000 can be play download torrent, iso game?

    pls help me?

  7. can the new one can work on all typs of psp’s, 1000 to 3000? also what hapens if you upgrade after you download?

    answer on this web page because i dont have an e-mail adress

  8. @ Sadfasdf.
    There is a link on this page to it retard. 9 comments in 10 min isnt going to get you what you want any sooner.

    @ Hunter.
    Not yet. ISO/CSO support hasnt been made for it. It may only be a matter of time. Apparently the creator of Chickhen didnt want ISO support so isnt going to help.

    @ rockmandensetsu.

    It will ONLY WORK on FW 5.03, nothing else.
    It runs homebrew apps. From what I know homebrew is its own type so anything homebrew will work. All emulators work and homebrew games do. It may just be ISO support that isnt supported

    This is the link I used and it lead me to help and you may not even need anything else other than this site so at least read this before whinning

  9. i’ve been reading on forums, that this doesn’t always work for people…when it does work for me(running 3000) i start up my psp then turn it partially off the flash save thingie, and take out my memory stick and put it back in, and it works, bad way of explaining but i hope it’s partially understandable

  10. just so you guys know,psp 3000 has just gotten a cutsom firmware.sorta. they used the hen exploit, to run their….french so u guys can translate yourselves.

  11. Yes, it works on psp3000, iso/PSX also works, but got some bugs in recovery mode,
    it doesn’t touch ur flash0, so ur psp would be fine,

    My advice,

    If you use ChickHEN + GEN-A CFW on PSP3k,
    ONLY for ISO/CSO and homebrews which does not touch ur flash0,


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