CandyFab Relaunched

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Forget about machines that can replicate themselves, what we want is a machine capable of making an 8 inch wide hollow torus out of sugar. The CandyFab project has been around for a while, but with the release of the new machine, the CandyFab 6000 they are reinventing the project. Built from the ground up to be a candy constructing beast, the CandyFab 6000 might be a little smaller than the previous version, but it’s much better designed. You can get more details on the new wiki site.

9 thoughts on “CandyFab Relaunched

  1. How the hell do evil mad scientist labs stay in business? They develop these awesome projects but for the life of me I can’t figure out their business model
    Not to mention they seem to have a big staff.

  2. What do you mean this isn’t self-replicating.

    Its precisely as ‘self-replicating’ as the CrapRap, and it seems to count for some reason, so why not this one?

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