New PSP leaked


Engadget has video from the June 2009 episode of Qore that shows the new PSP Go. It has a slide out gamepad, 16GB internal storage, bluetooth, and a memory slot of some sort. We’re naturally curious about its potential as a homebrew platform. Will Sony take the mature route they did with the PS3 and let you run Linux or will they continue the firmware arms race the PSP is known for? We’ll be hearing more about this platform at E3 next week.

55 thoughts on “New PSP leaked

  1. i would rather have the psp look like a brick and has 2 analog sticks and all the good stuff on it plus a couple extra features like a built in camera or somthing than have a really cool looking one that does almost absolutely NOTHING new. plus the second stick would make fps/tps games easier to play.

  2. you know you all are pretty focking hilarious, right? how many ps1 games actually used BOTH analog sticks? practically NONE! you know the standard ps controller used to be one with NO sticks at all??? it’s not like you’re going to be ripping ps2 games onto this, so i say for what it’s made for, it’s perfectly functional. still can’t think of a single game that required both sticks. and who really heaves that much of a shit about how it looks? holy crap it’s not too different from the original psp, and like some other bloke said, it wasn’t created to be a replacement.

  3. @A.:

    The PSP is a media and game playing device, not a $250 PSX emulator. Even if the majority of games don’t need a second analog stick, would you, as a game console developer, seriously decide to exclude every FPS to ever be released for it because it’s not used that often? Using the right face buttons to aim your gun is a joke, and other games that use the directional buttons to aim the camera could definitely have used the right analog stick for moving the camera (MONSTER HUNTER), instead of having to take your left thumb of the analog stick to readjust your viewpoint. If you’re going to competitively sell your gaming console it’s pretty obvious that you’d want to have it as equipped as possible to play every game released for it as smoothly as possible.

    Btw I find it astounding that you have never heard of Ape Escape for the PSX.

  4. PSPS are geting old now theres i pods i pads and wii things that are more active and more fun i thought that every one will be up to speed but i just not pc’s are old but they do more than one thing that just take photos and play games so im not in to PSP

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