Lego Modded Antenna Tuner


This antenna tuner is controlled remotely using geared motors and legos. The tuner needed to be closer to the antenna for performance reasons. This created a problem; most of the radio gear is inside while the tuner is outside. The gear motors and Legos combine to form a closed loop servo, operating two air core caps and an inductor switch. A control box placed near the radio is hard wired to the modded tuner outside. We would like to see something like this under gesture control using the Wii MotionPlus + Arduino.

15 thoughts on “Lego Modded Antenna Tuner

  1. Well if you put it like that, it would be pretty funny seeing someone twisting and turning a wiimote trying to tune a radio in the next room. Probably a job for the motion plus attachment

  2. I’m not sure Dan would appreciate having his transmitter finals go up in smoke because his dog decided to run off with the Wiimote and screwed up the matching.

  3. Goddamn it.
    Hackaday gets better: Produces cool shit like the Bus Pirate
    Hackaday gets worse: Contributors that think Wiimotes should be involved in finetuning antennas BECAUSE THEY ARE CLEARLY WELL KNOWN FOR THEIR USE IN ANYTHING THAT REQUIRES A HIGH DEGREE OF PRECISION

  4. Hackaday gets worse:
    People lose their sense of humor, and start hating on everything in range when a tongue-in-cheek reference to all those “let’s motion-control this shit” projects comes along.

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