Last Day To Preorder Your Bus Pirate

Bus Pirate banner by Aaron Silber

Update, Saturday July 4th, 2009: All preorders are closed.

Today is the last day to pre-order a Bus Pirate. Get your own Bus Pirate, fully assembled and shipped worldwide, for only $30. We don’t plan to make more soon, this could be your last chance.

A special shout out to our partner, Seeed Studio, who handled the rush of orders like pros. The first pre-order is already being manufactured, and will ship as soon as possible. Seeed still has a few V2a PCBs if you’d like to roll your own Bus Pirate.

You’ve made this pre-order a huge success, and we’d like to make more projects available in the future. Were you just interested in the Bus Pirate? Should we arrange pre-orders of future Hack a Day hardware? Are there any past projects that we should revisit?

Thanks for the artwork [Aaron], licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.

31 thoughts on “Last Day To Preorder Your Bus Pirate

  1. yeah – we definitely need more like the bus-pirate project – especially for those people who don’t have the possibility to etch a pcb this is great.
    (yeah I know you can order the pcb from various sources – but have you seen those prices and the shipping to germany?!? unafordable for a student)

    -> so please keep the international shipping fees low, or even better – free shipping like in the bus pirate project.

  2. I wish I were smart enough to know how to filter out articles containing the word “bus pirate” in a Google Reader feed. Maybe someone can whip up a greasemonkey script for me?

  3. I say go for it, I’d love to see more kits or boards available. Wish I ordered quick enough for the first batch of BP’s. Looking forward to tinkering with it.

  4. Definately please consider the Web server on a business card.
    after getting ripped off by two different groups of people I’m still keen on this project.
    Doesn’t say much for my sense however it does for the web server. :-)

  5. Hack a Day had a device which somewhat automated the discovery of unmarked debug ports on consumer electronic devices.

    I thought it was called “Bus Pirate”. I think it is well in line with the spirit of Hack a Day and I would buy one.

  6. I Bought a B-Pirate. Why are they going to stop being available at all? Some products at Seeed Studio like the little LCD oscilloscope and capacitance meter kit are available all the time. Why not B-pirate?

    Now go ahead and remove all the caps after I post this… sigh

  7. I for one would love to see more projects from hack a day, the webserver on a business card, even some of the past winners of the business card design contest would be great.

  8. I preordered the Bus pirate, hope to get it soon. Maybe as a tip for the future, an enclosure?

    I found the price for the bus pirate very hobbyist friendly, and I would love to see other devices here too.

    Some hack a day articles have some things that are very cool but are made with point to point wiring or other primitive methods. What about adding a poll or a quarterly contest for many buildable hack a day things? The winner gets built actually and put on sale.

    Many featured projects show release source and schematics, so it would not be too hard to get the specifics.

  9. MOAR BUSPIRATE. Didn’t get a chance to buy one.

    Also any other HaD project that can be shipped for $30. web server business card, etc etc.

    Seeing how quickly these sold out, I don’t see why they can’t be kept in stock, same for any other $30 project

  10. @Aleks Clark: because advertising prefab boards selling permanently wouldn’t of created a flash order frenzy. Multiply 30 times the amout of prefabs shipping out..someones getting rich(er) of this product.

  11. Hi Guys
    Just one question to anybody at hack-a-day – you say its been successful, but go on then – how many have you sold!! I’d love to know.
    I too ordered a bus-pirate, seeedstudio reckon the order is ‘processing’, hopefuly mines being knocked-up as I type this!
    Yes to the Web Server on a business card too! I’d go for that, however I’d like to adapt it a bit so the web server can do something useful, perhaps flip some GPIO pin states here or there (or does it already do that? I didn’t read it thoroughly enough).

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