Layar Augmented Reality Launches


Layar brings augmented reality to your cellphone with the release of Layar Reality Browser 2.0. Partnering with Layar, Brightkite improves the experience by accessing their content, along with Wikipedia, Twitter, and other services; then by using the camera on your cellphone, maps friends and other users data on the screen, over top of the live feed. Simply aim your camera at a bar and find that two friends are inside, and read a reminder to yourself that you didn’t like the live music. It’s interesting to see how much is already implemented, and with an additional 500 API keys released, what new things will come from Layar?

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22 thoughts on “Layar Augmented Reality Launches

  1. “hmm, someone needs to build this into a pair of glasses.”

    I wrote a short story many years ago about exactly that, except the glasses were implants, and unfortunately very hackable. too bad I’m a shitty writter.

    anyway, this technology is going to explode like crazy. google buyout in 3… 2…

  2. “Simply aim your camera at a bar and find that two friends are inside”

    So… this phone has a camera that is functional in anything less than full daylight?
    How about battery life while camera & wifi/3g are both active?

    I’m excited, anyway. :P

  3. Perhaps not the correct site to mention this, but we need FEWER cellphones, not more. People on cellphones in cars are a huge hazard – at least down here in Florida. If every state outlawed using phones while driving with penalty of losing your license permanently, I would support this. Until then, I say delete these apps and stuff and go back to black-and-white(green and black?) phones that just make calls, and maybe have an alarm clock on them.

  4. @m4cgyv3r, yeah we should go back to the green and black cellphones that just make calls. also the internet should be restricted to universities and government agencies. and the printing press sucks too.

  5. i just used this on my g1 for about 5 minutes, and it rocks. i have been waiting for this thing to come to america and i am so excited it did. i see myself using the ‘eat’ layer a lot on road trips. this tech has some crazy possibilities. really cant believe this is free. augmented reality rules. next thing ya know, this will be in glasses, then contacts, then implants. then we get cyber brains a la ghost in the shell and shit starts to really get crazy.

  6. @M4CGYV3R
    How about you just don’t us it when your driving? Maybe it the norm in Florida to drive every where by your self but in many other places we walk or travel with friends in the car.

  7. yes I’m pretty open to what hackaday does, but if I see many more adds where legitimate hacks used to be i’m gonna have one less bookmark to click -many times a day-

    -vote with the withdrawal of your clicks people-

    it’s the only thing that the people/company/whatever at this point running the site will ultimately be influenced by:

    the bottom line

  8. @M4CGYV3R,

    In the states it may not be outlawed, but in most of Europe you can loose you license if you are on your phone while driving. In some countries, speed cameras also take photos even if you are not speeding. If you are seen with a phone, you will get a nice letter in the mail and a summons to court,

  9. @m4cgyv3r,
    blaming cell phones for this is like saying guns kill people. Its not the phone’s or the technology’s fault that stupid people go around driving and texting/talking on the phone.

  10. Okay in all seriousness, why the hell isn’t this on WinMo also? I mean damn, if i was a major company and wanted to spread my application, I would definitely make it available to all platforms.

    ..oh well. I guess if worse comes to worse, i’ll just install Android on my omnia.

  11. @Darkzero

    How many winmo phones have gps and magnetic compasses in them? I’m going to guess maybe one, but it’s probably closer to none. just waiting until October to get rid of my winmo phone. hopefully the hero will be out in the states by then.

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