Desktop Decepticon Repurposes Cell Phone


We’ve got a few old cell phones sitting around and apart from salvaging the LCD screen we’re not quite sure what to do with them. [Gingerpete50] turned his into a desktop Decepticon figurine. This masterpiece is a delightful conversation piece and when he’s tired of it decorating his cubicle, we’re sure there will be plenty of people he can hand it down to. The figure doesn’t transform back into a cell phone and it uses a few extra parts he had on hand, but neither of these things bother us. What it does have is some articulated joints and a few LEDs that you can see above. We haven’t tried our hand at custom model building, but after seeing this you can be assured it’s on our list.

20 thoughts on “Desktop Decepticon Repurposes Cell Phone

  1. Why can’t a hack be art?

    Must something serve some useful purpose before it can be called a “hack”?

    I always thought a “hack” was a creative way to re-use(or mis-use, or ab-use) existing things. This certainly qualifies.

  2. @Skyler “Why can’t a hack be art?”

    because when I want to find art I want to use word art, and when I want to find hack I want to use word hack. Lets keep definitions of words so we can use those words when we want and for what we want. We already shave Goggle picture search which will show you porn for any entered word

  3. word ART already lose it definition and become meaningless, you can argue that shit on white plate is ART, and make good point that it is ART, but most people when hearing word ART dont think about poo on plate. I dont want such faith to happen with word HACK. and no bull shit, yes you can call hack anything if you try hard enough lets be serious

  4. Therian, I see where you’re coming from. I agree with you completely as regards the re-definition of “art” in our culture.

    But my point is, if we define “hack” as “creative repurposing of existing technology”, this seems to fit in that category.

    Do you define “hack” differently? Maybe that would help clear this up.

  5. I believe that hack should apply to technology, why not to call craft a craft when it is art and craft, why you need to borrow word hack for it ?
    And no Im not mad or something I just hate BS when I see it

    By the way art and technology newer mix together for example when artist try to add some engineering usually end result is bad art and bad engineering (usually it impractical overkill), when engineer try to add art, the end result always less practical than if there was only engineering. It was proven counsels number of times, end result always worse than if it was in separate category, there might be exceptions but they so rare to change anything

  6. @therian

    Are you tripping on cat urine? Your logic airs a certain ubsurdity to it that disturbs my otherwise silent browsing of HaD. Do you talk the same way you think? Even more appropriate, do you physically converse with the same erratic repore you so arrogantly display for all to see? Your words are somewhat of a pestilence to my eyes. Logic demands thorough thought, and I’m afraid you haven’t the necessary tools.

    Just my two cents.

  7. Hey can we just admit that this is a cool —PROJECT— and stop bashing each other because of personal definitions and lack of maturity? If you can make anything that took this much thought, planning and skill, POST IT. Otherwise, see it as a cool project that lots of us thank HaD for posting.

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