Bender Keg Cooler

What? Another Bender project? This almost went in the trash since it looks so much like the bender brewer from earlier this week, we thought it was the same tip. This isn’t a brewer though. This is a keg cooler, made to look like Bender. You can follow the build process to see exactly how they constructed it. They did a great job, the tap is in his cigar, and the keg resides in his body. Fantastic job guys, now you need some Benderbrau to dispense.

[thanks hexmonkey]

5 thoughts on “Bender Keg Cooler

  1. Well, color me surprised! I’m the guy who built this Bender. I saw you had the Bender Brewer posted not too long ago – that site was a big part of the inspiration for my build. I didn’t expect to see my Bender pop up on the same page.

    For the latest updates, you’d be better off following the Benderator blog at: That’s where I’ll be posting any news.

    Thanks for the interest, and glad you guys like him!


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