19th Century All-in-one PC

…well not quite, but Victorian-styled nonetheless.

In the same vein as his previous creation, [Jake] decided to steampunk his new monitor. However, this time around, he managed to squeeze a full pc into the retro case. A custom aluminum chassis had to be designed and safely house the disk drives and motherboard behind the monitor.  Since the 350W PSU was a bit too clunky to mount behind the screen, [Jake] rebuilt the base of the unit around it. The P4, 250GB SATA hard drive, and gold painted cooling fan allow the machine to run Kubuntu “Gusty Gibbon” smoothly. Coupled with a typewriter-inspired keyboard, [Jake’s] got a cutting edge antique setup.

16 thoughts on “19th Century All-in-one PC

  1. @Tyler- a rotary NumPad would be awesome if somebody could actually build it. pointless and inefficient number entry technique, but if it worked like the rotary telephones, i think it would need its own software or at least an arduino or something to convert the pulse into keystrokes.

  2. i’m normally hate seeing steam-punk hardware but i love this computer especially the keyboard. and the rotary num pad would be an awesome addition.

    also some kind of typewriter/printer. even if it could only print text it would be amazing.

  3. Yeah and what date is this post from I am guessing at least two to three years old. God hackaday is just rerunning crap and y’all think it’s new and boner filling. Do like I did and start searching for mods and hacks in google – You’ll have your own hackaday two weeks in advance.
    Thank god this isn’t a pay site

  4. @jeditalian & Tyler: I read your comments this morning and got inspired. I built an interface unsing an old phone, my arduino and some software. It works quite good even if it is not the best solutin (phone->arduino->serial->SerialServer->java-app->robot->keys). And aparently it writes randomly the digit 7 every few minutes. I will post it tomorrow on my blog.

  5. I stopped reading when i saw “P4”. Those things were too hot for their own good, you don’t want your steampunk creation going up in steam.

    I’d grab an AM2 Sempron or a low-end C2D (E2***), then you’ll have one of the coolest systems, literally.

    Nice monitor decorations though. And i like the keyboard cable.

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