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[Sean_Carney] build this clock that tells the weather instead of the time. The two hands display the current conditions and the temperature. Forty below zero seems amazingly cold if you’re on the Fahrenheit scale but [Sean’s] from Winnipeg so he’s operating on the Celsius side of things.

Two servos move the hands to match the data scraped off of the Internet. An Arduino does the scraping with the help of an Ethernet shield. This reminds us of the Harry Potter clock that tells a persons location.

[via Flickr]

46 thoughts on “Weather Clock

  1. My foot!

    It’s so annoying too – we get a lot of American TV shows in Australia and having to listen to “mile” this and “pound” that requires more brain cells than neccessary (to do the conversion) for watching TV. For such a technologically advanced country, this is very backward.

    You can imagine my disappointment when I visited the UK in 2008 – they’re still on freakin miles! Ugh!

  2. A window might do the same thing, but im in a basement and this would actually be neat!

    I’d love to see a 30$ version of it go for sale, i’d grab it even if i had a functional window since this is much funner to be honest, great stuff.

  3. Cool project, but exactly how does looking out a window tell you the temperature? -40 with the sun shining sure looks a lot like -5 with the sun shining but go outside without your jacket and you’ll soon feel the difference.

  4. I really liked this project, from idea to implementation. I’d rate it 99/100.

    One minor critique with regard to aesthetics. It would have been nice if both hands pivot on the same axis, as is the case with real clocks.

    It’s easy to buy hobby brass tubes. Consecutive sizes will slide into each other in a coaxial fashion. The larger, “hour hand” shaft could drive the temp pointer, and the smaller
    “minute hand” shaft could drive the cloud pointer. Heck, you add a third “second hand” pointer with barometric pressure, if you wanted.

    Granted, this complicates the drive inside the clock, but it’s not overwhelming, particularly since the shafts only rotate over a fraction of a revolution. You could solder a bellcrank to each shaft, and actuate it with a servo. Gears or even small rubber belts (neoprene O-rings?) would be an alternative.

    Just my 2 cents worth. Nice project, though.


  5. Hay guyz did anybody said that -40f is liek teh same as -40c lols!?

    FFS people, try to read the comments before you repeat what has already been said several times.

    As for the hack, beautiful. I’m actually considering making one for myself but perhaps more modern when it comes to looks.

  6. Celcius isn’t that much better than Fahrenheit, but having 0 be the point where water freezes makes it somehow more logical to use Celsius for weather, since the freezing is a significant weather event.

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