AeroQuad – Build Your Own Quadcopter

It hurts us to look at this quadcopter, agonizingly so when we watch the video after the break. That’s because we feel the unstoppable compulsion to build one. This four-rotor helicopter has a lot to be proud of; it features Gyro stabilization, Xbee remote control for very long distance operation, and computer interface for data graphing and calibration.

We like the quadcopter that we came across at CES but building one of our own is more fun than buying it ready-made. The pain we’re feeling is mostly in our pocketbook. To help ease the agony we scoured the parts list and the assembly instructions in order to get an estimate of what this might cost. We’re looking at around $415 plus shipping, not including transmitter and receiver for controlling it.  Yep, that’s a sharp stabbing pain but we’re not sure we can just let it go.


[Thanks Roy]

58 thoughts on “AeroQuad – Build Your Own Quadcopter

  1. I used XBEE with KK2 board.
    I receive data from the quad and capture video in the same time, and can play them back sycnhed together.

    first you run an android application called IPWebcam that capture images… and fly the quadcopter that contains a board called XBEE that sends data wireless to PC…. the PC stores both video -that is received via mobile- and sensor data that is received from quad directly…. then the application can play them back in order to enable you to study the data …. as playing the data alone will not be efficient to help you to understand what the quadcopter was doing when a certain reading is displayed… with video you can study the values and compare with behaviour . .

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