Smart Flash Synchronization

[Max] designed this circuit to add smart flash synchronization to his photography arsenal. He did this because ‘dumb’ TTL based flashes won’t play nicely with more sophisticated systems like the Nikon Advanced Wireless Lighting. By building a microcontroller into the mechanism, he’s added functionality for several different scenarios, ensuring that he’ll never again have problems with early flash triggering. Now that the kinks have been ironed out in the prototype, the code and hardware can be migrated over to whatever microcontroller suits you.

7 thoughts on “Smart Flash Synchronization

  1. Stupid flamewars every single time- it gets really annoying !

    I am wondering if this circuit could be made battery-less just like analog optical slaves. The flash unit provides a couple of volts standby voltage that could be tapped. Only problem is filtering out the spikes when the flash is triggered.

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