Space Invaders Clock 6 Years Ahead Of Pong Clock

Space Invaders came out in 1978, six years after Pong. That means this Space Invaders clock uses newer technology, right? Nope, it’s the same hardware as the Adafruit Pong Clock with some updated firmware. Still, as you can see after the break, the effect is pretty nice. Pong was cool, but having a clock that scrolls through several classic games would be cooler.

[Dataman], the guy responsible for this firmware hack shared his code. It should be easy enough to alter it for any clock using a KS0108 graphic LCD screen. So what’s next? Can someone pull off a black and white Ms. Pac-Man that looks decent on the 128×64 display?

[flickr video=4408647041 w=800]

[Thanks PT]

10 thoughts on “Space Invaders Clock 6 Years Ahead Of Pong Clock

  1. oops, ascii fail… try agin


  2. I noticed there are 30 Space Invaders, it should have the player shooting 1 invader every 2 seconds to count down the seconds, and a new screen of invaders every minute, now THAT would be COOL! And if you want classic video games, you could do just about every video game done on the Atari 2600 on this thing, in monochrome of course.

  3. thanks for the kind words – many folks are doing cool things with the MONOCHRON clock platform – for all the folks that have (or will have) suggestions or requests, all the files are on github, the project is open source, you can make it do anything you’d like, it’s blank slate :)

  4. the pong click was cool because it played the game with the result being the score being equal to the time. This seems to be an animation (ignoring the content) with the time separate at top.

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