Laser Cut And Printable Cases

If you’re like us you’ve got quite a few prototyping tools that are bare PCB boards. If you’re using them a lot you might want to protect them with some type of case but the lack of mounting holes can make this difficult. One popular solution to this problem is to design a case for a perfect fit, then cut it with a laser or print it out of plastic. We’ve got examples of both.

[Stewart Allen] set to work designing laser cut cases for the AVR Dragon and the Bus Pirate V2go after seeing our post about on-the-go prototyping. We think this is especially important if you have an AVR Dragon as it’s been known to bite the dust if the bottom is shorted out. If you have access to a laser cutter you can download is DXF files and the models and cut your own.

If you don’t have a laser cutter but can get some time with a 3D printer check out the Bus Pirate V2go printed case and the Arduino printed case.

13 thoughts on “Laser Cut And Printable Cases

  1. Man, I _wish_ I had 3d printer or laser cutter. Just keep everything in cardboard boxes at the moment…

    Oh, and: “If you have access to a laser cutter you can download __these__ DXF files and the models and cut your own.” -I think.

  2. Like them, I do have quite a few prototyping tools. Unlike them, one is not a laser cutter. I guess I’m behind the times; those things are a dime a dozen these days, aren’t they?

  3. Who doesn’t absolutely prize a proper enclosure for their project(s)?
    I wish I had access to this kind of stuff for a couple of projects I built in the past.

    I’m 50/50 between jealousy and wishing the folks well here.

    SO cool!

  4. Don’t have a laser cutter or 3d printer? That’s fine, I’ve seen a wide variety of plastics used to make enclosures and project boxes. It’s pretty simple actually. Just take a fairly large piece of Plexiglas or PBC (or what you have available) and put it in the oven just until it’s soft enough to bend and shape. Use straight edges and angle tools to obtain the shape you want and presto-shapo, your new enclosure or project box. Please be advised, plastics may contain harmful chemicals and may be released upon melting or heating. Use proper safety precautions.

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