CPU As A Heat Sink

We’ve noticed that wireless routers pump out a bunch of heat. [Jernej Kranjec] wanted to make sure that he didn’t fry it once he started adding more load to his router using OpenWRT. What he came up with is the idea of using an old CPU as a passive heat sink. He applied a bit of thermal paste to the center and some super glue to the corners. You can see the finished product is an old AMD chip adhered “dead bug” style to the stock processor. We’d bet it’s not very efficient compared to an aluminum or copper heat sink, but it normally would have no help in shedding those extra degrees.

51 thoughts on “CPU As A Heat Sink

  1. http://i40.tinypic.com/14aekix.jpg

    >Thats what I did with that one, I added a Small heatsink from the GPU of a mother board, the secondary one usually has a smaller heatsink, and I used thermal paste over the broadcom CPU, it cools it so well with the fan bolted ontop of the case right over the heat sink, with the air holes around the router it always stays cool like its not even on.

    ;D He could do the same, like many others small heat sinks are always available,but I think this person wanted to do a different approach?

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