Biopunk Watch: Time, Temperature, Gaming

[Matthew Garten] built this watch based on an Arduino. The face is a small color display which allows you to choose to show time in digital, binary, or analog formats. In keeping with the recent trend here on Hackaday he has a glove-based add-on that has temperature sensors in the fingers; for Firefighters or those with nerve damage to their fingers (we’re thinking Darkman). For entertainment in any situation he’s included a trackball and the ability to play breakout or draw in 16-bit color. Details are scarce but apparently he’ll be sharing more soon. For now, watch the video after the break and think of ways to shrink this down into a nice package like the Pong Watch enjoys.


17 thoughts on “Biopunk Watch: Time, Temperature, Gaming

  1. The realm of “Sensory Prosthetics” is something often never appreciated by people having no need for them. If you- or someone you care for has need of any Prosthetics, projects like this will cause that ugly sounding term “Biopunk” to become a concept of life altering hopes.

    We take for granted that all of our fleshly systems work as intended. And as we live longer, survive combat injuries or similar crippling traumatic damages etc- there’s a Very Good Chance of some people reading this post’s thread becoming in need of advanced Sensory Prosthetics.

    Take a moment to try envisioning your life being altered by something which leaves you needing technology for assistance.

    This glove project deserves a sincere appreciation from us all. For it’s value in advancing not only Hackerdom’s scope, It brings Sensory Prosthetics a bit closer to daily reality. So- before anyone decides to Flame/Nitpick in destructive comments- Revisit that moment of envisioning YOURSELF needing something of an assisting device. Perhaps then- you’d consider Mr Garten as deserving of honors for “Doing the Good Works”

  2. Wow Osgeld…sand in the gina much? You’ve been just trolling your heart out the last few posts. Do you need some Midol?

    It’s just a name…get over it.

    Would be cool to see this shrunken down and have other sensory input(pressure perhaps). I think we could live without the game…but that’s just me.

  3. couldn’t figure out what Deadly meant when he mentions this sword above…but yeah. Reminds me of when I was a kid having my whip made of braided orange yarn.

  4. I think this is a wonderful project as I have minimal feeling in either of my hands, this would indeed make an impact on my life, i can’t wait for more detail, i would love this hooked up to a HMD.

  5. meh… it’s kinda huge… and ugly
    but thank god we’re not designers, we’re geeks!

    good idea thought to have integrated a ball instead of directional buttons
    kinda cool, but useless, but still cool

    is arduino becoming a tongue twister?

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